Superstar of the week: The Miz

Superstar Name: The Miz

1. Height: 6’2’’

2. Weight: 221 lbs

3. Debut: March 7th, 2006

4. Finishing Move: Skull Crushing Finale

5. Career Accomplishments

Miz is one of the most accomplished superstars in today’s day and age, as he has almost accomplished everything he has set his mind to. After debuting in 2006, Miz formed a tag team with John Morrison, winning tag team gold on two separate occasions. His career took off when he was drafted to the RAW brand in 2009, where he was able to capture the United States Championship on 2 two separate occasions. During his time on RAW, Miz won the Money in the Bank Contract and took full advantage of this opportunity. Miz Cashed in his Championship contract on a vulnerable Randy Orton in 2010, winning his first and only WWE Championship. He is also a multi time Intercontinental Champion, recently losing the title to Dean Ambrose on an episode of Smackdown! Live. The Miz is usually overlooked when it comes to how important he is to the company, but he has shown over the past year that he is the top heel in the company, and should be in for a good showing this Sunday in the Royal Rumble match. 


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