2017 Royal Rumble Preview

Royal Rumble Preview/Predictions

The 30th Royal Rumble is upon us and the time has never been better to take a chance and guess who will win this one. 22 superstars are confirmed to enter the match, leaving 8 question marks for the fans. Undertaker? Angle? Orton? Jericho? The list is endless as to who can win the most important match leading up to Wrestlemania.

Before this though, we have a card that is loaded with talent and matches that are sure to leave a lasting mark on the viewers.


  1. Raw Mens Tag Match:
  • The Club vs. Cesaro and Sheamus (C)

We begin the pre show with a heavy hitting tag team championship match. On previous showings of Monday Night Raw, The Club, (Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson) have each defeated Cesaro and Sheamus in singles matches. This has led to a continuous feud that has come to fruition here at the rumble. The Club is well overdue for a title shot, but we do not believe they will be able to capture the titles tonight. Look for The Club to capture the titles at Wrestlemania.

Winner: Cesaro and Sheamus


  1. Womens Singles Match:
  • Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks

We switch to the Women’s Divison as Sasha Banks looks to knock off Nia Jax. It has been hard for anyone to get Nia Jax’s number, but look for Sasha to win via countout or disqualification.

Winner: Sasha Banks


  1. SDL Six Women Tag Match
  • Becky Lynch, Bella, and Namoi vs. Alexa Bliss, Micki James, and Natalya

With a returning Mickie James, and a hot up and coming heel team in the women’s division, look for Bliss, James, and Natalya to pick up the victory with James possibly picking up the pinfall.

Winner: Bliss, James, and Natalya


  1. Cruiserweight Championship
  • Neville vs. Rich Swann (C)

The cruisterweight division has been lackluster as of late with poor ratings and viewership numbers on 205 live. With Neville becoming more of an aggressive heel, and being in the company now for a long stretch without a title, look for him to pick up the win and grab his first cruiserweight championship.

Winner: Neville


  1. Raw Women’s Championship
  • Bayley vs. Charlotte (C)

Bayley is destined to win the Raw Women’s Championship this year, however it will not be tonight against the tenacious Charlotte. Look for Bayley to stay in the title picture into Wrestlemania season where she will climb the ranks and capture her first title. Tonight though, is Charlotte’s night – she will win via tap out.

Winner: Charlotte


  1. WWE Championship
  • John Cena vs. AJ Styles (C)

Cena vs. Styles was one of if not the best feud of 2016, and they both look to continue to bring that momentum to the first PPV of 2017. This match is looking to top their match of the year candidate that they had at Summerslam last year. Cena has history staring him in the face as he looks to tie Ric Flair for most world titles held, while AJ Styles looks to stay white hot on the year anniversary of his WWE Debut. This match is a toss up, but look for AJ to retain the title in order to stay strong with the possibility of Cena winning the title within the next year.

Winner: AJ Styles


  1. No DQ WWE Universal Championship
  • Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens (C) – w/ Chris Jericho suspended above ring in shark cage

After HHH helped propel Kevin Owens to his first major WWE Championship, he has been on autopilot with countless victories and not much of a challenge. On multiple occasions Chris Jericho has assisted Kevin Owens in defending his title even in close contests. But now with Jericho suspended above the ring, we will see Kevin Owens go at it alone. Roman Reigns is destined to win the Universal Championship, but not tonight as we believe Chris Jericho will find a way to get involved, possibly dropping the U.S Title into the ring and assisting Kevin Owens yet again to help defend his title

Winner: Kevin Owens


  1. Royal Rumble Match

The last match on the card is possibly one of the most anticipated Royal Rumble Matches in the events history. With 22 confirmed entrants, that leaves the door wide open for potential surprise returns from both current and former superstars. Names such as Samoa Joe, Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle, Finn Balor, HHH, and Tye Dillinger have been circling the rumor mill over the past several weeks. As of Sunday morning, the odds-on favorite to win the event is Randy Orton. However we do not see that happening, as that would mean the Randy Orton Bray Wyatt feud would revolve around the WWE Title which would not be the best draw for a Wrestlemania Main Event. This leaves the door open for superstars such as Jericho, Undertaker, Miz, Lesnar, and Goldberg to win the event and headline the show of shows. We believe that since Kevin Owens is going to retain his Universal Championship, it only makes sense that Jericho sneaks away with the Rumble win and sets up a best friend vs. best friend Main Event at Wrestlemania with a possible Jericho babyface turn.

Jericho has been with the company for over 17 years. He has put on flawless performances and countless matches that will be remembered forever. Having him walk away with the Rumble victory will not only push him further with his current run with the company but it will also cement his legacy as one of the greatest of all time.

Winner: Chris Jericho


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