Royal Rumble Rumors

With the Royal Rumble match just 3 days away, rumors are swirling as to who will show up and make an impact. As of right now, 22 superstars are confirmed to enter the rumble match, which means that leaves 8 spots open for surprise returns from past and present superstars. We have seen in recent years that anything is possible, even with some NEW superstars being rumored to joint the roster, this year is definitely set to not disappoint.

One name that has been going around the rumor mill for a possible return would be Kurt Angle. It was recently announced that Angle will be headlining the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017, and ever since that announcement, fans have been clamoring for an in ring return from their Olympic gold medalist. Angle has since come out and denied all reports that he will be in the rumble match, but didn’t close the door on an in ring return entirely.

Other names floating around are Shane McMahon, Finn Baylor, Triple H, and NXT Star Samoa Joe. It has been a general thought that Samoa Joe with make his main roster debut in the Royal Rumble match every since he lost the NXT championship to Shinsuke Nakumura. Having Joe enter in the middle of the match and having him crush anyone in his path on his way to a strong showing in his debut is something the WWE could definitely do.

Some other possible entrants remaining could be from the cruiserweight division, with names such as Neville, Brian Kendrick, Rich Swan and TJ Perkins. Could we also see another showing of HHH’s old friend Kevin Nash? Will the Boogeyman come out and put on another odd showing for the fans? What other legends could make an appearance to shake the rumble up?!

Whoever shows up, this Royal Rumble is bound to be one of the best in history; it is the first one in recent memory where there are over 5 superstars who have a legitimate chance to win the whole thing! WWE has sure scripted this properly and will have the fans at the edge of their seats in wait for the final bell to ring. This is set to be an epic showdown and should be a great kickoff onto the Road to Wrestlemania.

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