Things to Expect on RAW

The July 31st edition of Monday Night RAW promises to have Summerslam implications throughout the night. With just under three weeks left to build up the card for the biggest party of the summer, tonights RAW will be a big step toward the Barclays Center. With that, lets get into what you should be expecting on tonights episode on RAW.

Ever since losing the tag team titles, The Hardy Boyz have been on a steep decline, losing two straight matches to the Revival and The Club over the past two weeks. Matt Hardy recently teased that the brothers were “a little broken,” much to the delight of the WWE universe. Ever since their shocking return at Wrestlemania, fans have been wanting to see Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero come to WWE, and Summerslam could be the time that happens. Expect the Hardyz to have an altercation with the Revival, which will lead to a match at Summerslam, where  in order to win, the Hardy Boyz will have to break.

The RAW Women’s Championship will be heavily feature, as the build for Bayley vs Alexa Bliss will continue. Bayley picked up arguably the biggest win of her career against Sasha Banks to earn this title shot. It has been rumored that a Sasha Banks heel turn is in the works and that will only add fuel to the RAW Women’s Division. Expect to see Bayley in a singles match tonight (against Emma? Mickie James?) with Alexa Bliss on commentary. It would be smart for WWE to have Alexa Bliss interfere, only to have Sasha Banks make the save. Now WWE can have Bayley and Sasha in the ring together, and have Sasha raise the title, sending a message to Bayley that if she wins at Summerslam, the Boss will be coming for her.

An episode of Miz TV is scheduled for tonight, where we will see Kurt Angles son Jason Jordan join the A-lister for what is sure to be an excellent segment. With WWE going with this angle, it seems as though Jordan is in line for a big push, and it looks like he’ll get a chance to have a run with the Intercontinental Championship. Wrestletalk reported that a match between the Miz and Jordan has been in the works, and it would make sense for it to happen. In the past, we have seen Vickie Guerrero give her then husband Edge title shot, after title shot, so WWE should continue this trend and give Jordan a run with the title.

RAW has seen an uneasy reunion between former SHIELD brothers Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollions. Both man have put their differences aside in order to deal with the Miztourage over the past several weeks. After picking up a victory over Miz and his goons last week on RAW, WWE needs to continue to utilize Rollins and Ambrose as a tag team. They are both massively over with the fans, and the possibility of a SHIELD reunion is always a big draw to the WWE Universe. Expect to see Rollins and Ambrose team up once again tonight, possibly against Bo Dallas and Curits Axel, just to get another match under they belts together. According to Wrestletalk, a match between Rollins and Ambrose, and Sheamus and Cesaro for the RAW Tag Team Championship is currently booked for Summerslam, so it would be wise for WWE to continue the momentum that Rollins and Ambrose have.

The Universal Championship will be defended in a Fatal 4 Way match between Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowmen and Brock Lesnar. Last week, the match was made official and Braun Strowmen laid waster to both Reigns and Joe. Tonight, a triple threat match is book pitting the three men against one another. Don’t be surprised to see Brock Lesnar show up and send a message to all 3 of his challengers. If there is no Lesnar, expect to see Roman Reigns win the triple threat match, pinning Samoa Joe in the process.


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