Smackdown! V.S Raw: Who won this weeks battle?!

Welcome everyone to our first post on Smackdown! V.S Raw.  Each week on Wednesday’s we will be posting reviews, grades, and winners of each weeks live televised events. These will include match highlights, promo highlights, match high points, low points, crowd reactions, and our own review!

If you have any input or would like to share your take on this weeks episodes, drop a comment below!!

Raw Highpoints:


Monday Night Raw came to you from Portland, Oregon, as the company wanted to continue its momentum from last week edition of the red show. Last week, we saw Samoa Joe make his dominant debut on the main roster, making a statement by injuring Seth Rollins and putting his Wrestlemania status in jeopardy. To kick off this weeks show, Samoa Joe joined RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon and General Manager Mick Foley in order to officially sign his RAW contract. Samoa Joe challenged the locker room, saying that he was the most unstoppable man in WWE and how no one could stop him. After signing the contract, Roman Reigns hit the ring and confronted Joe. A match was booked for later on in the evening, pitting Reigns and Joe against each other. A great segment to open the show, Reigns and Joe showed that they had great chemistry, making the main event a must watch. Grade: B

Women’s Division:

We shift gears to the Women’s Division, as Nia Jax looked to continue her hot streak against Bailey. Bailey is trying to recover from her loss to Charlotte at the Royal Rumble last week, so this was a must win match for the leader of the hugger section. Jax dominated early on, tossing Bailey around the ring with ease. The match started to turn though, as Bailey started to gain momentum, with the climax of the match being when Bailey threw Jax into the ring post. It seemed as though Bailey was inline for a count out victory, until Charlotte made her way down to the ring. Bailey attempted to get rid of Charlotte, which gave Nia Jax enough time to recover and make her way back into the ring. She hit Bailey with a Samoan Drop and picked up the victory. Bailey is on a bit of a cold streak, but we believe that is due to the fact that she could be inline for a major victory at Wrestlemania. Due to the interference by Charlotte, fans were robbed of what could’ve been a great victory for Bailey, with the lost for Jax not damaging her credibility. Instead, officials made a decision that made both women seem weak. Grade: C

Best Friends?:

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho made their way to the ring for, perhaps, the segment of the night. The best friends were discussing how the Wrestlemania main event would be best friend vs best friend, with Owens defending his Universal Title against Jericho. Jericho then proclaimed that since Tom Brady was being referred to as “The GOAT” , that he made The List of Jericho, much to the delight of the fans. As the two best friends continued their conversation, Goldberg interrupted the two champions. Goldberg went on to talk about Brock Lesnar’s Wrestlemania challenge he issued to Goldberg the week prior. Goldberg accepted the challenge but then made a challenge of his own. He challenged Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship at Fastlane, to which Chris Jericho accepted. Owens was furious with Jericho, and later on in the evening, the match was made official by Stephanie McMahon. A top segment of the night, Jericho and Owens are magic together on the mic. Grade: A+

Main Event:

We move to the main event of the evening, as Samoa Joe took on the big dog Roman Reigns. This being Joe’s first main roster match, fans were eager to see what the former 2 time NXT Champion had to bring to the table. Joe was dominant throughout the entire match, showing why he was the hottest free agent in WWE. Reigns had comeback, hitting Joe with a Super Man punch. Just as it looked like Reigns was going to try a spear, Braun Strowmen’s music hit and he made his way down to the ring. With Reigns distracted Joe blindsided Reigns with a kick to the back of the head, which lead to Joe picking up the victory. Following the match, Strowmen absolutely destroyed Roman Reigns, hitting him with the steel steps, and finally putting Reigns through the barricade with a running power slam. A main event that saw Samoa Joe pick up a huge victory, while also showcasing the dominance of Braun Strowmen deserves the 1st ever Wrestlebros Match of the Night. Grade: A+


Smackdown! Highpoints:

Daniel Bryan Hometown Return to Seattle:

Daniel Bryan came out and gave the fans just what they wanted. A heartfelt welcome and a nice promo on his own allowed for Daniel to showcase his abilities on the mic and show the WWE Universe that he’s still got it. During his promo The Miz interrupted to give his take on it. With harsh words such as “Stay at home Dad” and “You can’t wrestle anymore” Miz showed why he is the best heel in the company. Fans were booing left and right.

Enter Baron Corbin who is an interesting contestant for this Sunday’s Chamber match. Miz began making attempts to side with Baron allowing for his mind and Baron’s might to carry them to the end – but Baron wuickly shut this down to the surprise of fans and received quite a cheer.

Enter Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles. Dean was discussing how his Intercontinental reign will soon include the WWE Title, which to our belief is not true. He has been pushed to the mid card which seems to be his place for the time being although he will be a part of some key matches in the upcoming months. Expect Dean to hang on to the title and fued with someone in the Chamber after the PPV.

AJ did a good job on the mic as he ranted about his want to be champion. He went on to discuss how he has beaten all the competitors in the ring and how he wants hi title back (don’t we all).

It was an interesting promo that went from a hometown welcome to a match being made with the superstars. A good showcase of mic talent all around and definitely a good set up going into the Chamber.

Overall Rating: A


Dolph Ziggler V.S Apollo Crews

Ziggler has been on a tear recently with a lot of aggression towards not only his peers but announcers as well. After a rollup victory from Crews in a back and forth match, Ziggler took out Crews with a kick and proceeded to assault him with a steel chair. Kalisto then came to Crews’ aid and was going to hit Ziggler with a finisher when Ziggler tied him up on the top rope and took him out with a VICIOUS chair shot.

This new side to Ziggler is great for his career. He is enjoying the volatility he has created and fans can finally get to see a new side of the show off – a strong heel. Overall the match was not great, but it showcased Ziggler’s abilities to be a strong heel for the company moving forward.

Overall Rating: C+

Dean Ambrose V.S AJ Styles V.S The Miz V.S Baron Corbin – Fatal 4 Way

A very strong match for Smackdown! Live that allowed for us to see the chemistry of these 4 superstars before they go at it in the Chamber on Sunday. The good news is this match was constant action and allowed for us the viewers to see a little bit of everyone without giving away too much coming up this Sunday. AJ Styles showed in this match that anyone he is in the ring with ‘s talent increases 10 fold.

Marise saved The Miz after a Phenomenal Forearm and Baron Corbin caught AJ with End of Days to win the match. This is a GREAT way to head into the Chamber this Sunday. It keeps Cena out of the picture and allows for more superstar growth. We do not believe that Corbin will win on Sunday, however this victory and PIN over AJ Styles has given him a HUGE win for his career, maybe even the biggest of his career at this time.

Overall this match was not necessary, but was set up perfectly and that is what Smackdown! Live has been doing very well lately. This earns the Wrestlebros Match of the Night for Smackdown! Live.

Overall Rating: A-


12 Man Tag Team Match:

This match showcased many talents young and old allowing for some fast paced action. The highlight of the match in our opinon was a piece where Tyler Breeze intentionally tagged himself in and then him and Fandango hit a pair of nice kicks. The fans then cheered “We want Tyler!” Which we thought was great.

We then saw Jason Jordon launch Gable out of the ring for a very nice front flip into nearly 10 participants. After Rhyno hit an epic GORE, Victor hit a knee from the top taking a victory for his team, the Usos, and the Vaud Villians.


Overall back and forth match was not bad but was not great. Definitely entertaining. Something about Smackdown! Just keeps the fans interested.


Overall Rating: C


Mickie James, Alexa Bliss, Noami, and Becky Lynch Face off

These girls put on a great show facing off against one another in duel contract signing for Chamber matches. The mic skills showed that the Smackdown! Woeman are seasoned. The brawl after that led to Noami jumping out of the ring onto Becky and Mickie was a nice cap off. With the matches full go, it will be very interesting where WWE takes these 4.

Overall Rating: C+


Smackdown V.S Raw: WINNER

After two big shows this week we saw a lot of momentum from both companies. Raw was all about showcasing new talent and allowing for some excellent promos and mic skills to be incorporated. And Smackdown! Kept its strong momentum – pushing forward with storylines and building to the Elimination Chamber. Although both shows allowed for some stellar performances and breakout moments, the first winner of the Wrestlebros Smackdown V.S Raw showdown goes to… RAW.

With the pushing of Braun Strowman, the fued that is building between Jericho and Owens, Goldberg sealing a title shot, and Samoa Joe finally debuting in big fashion, Raw has taken the crown this week. Smackdown does have a PPV on Sunday, which does affect the shows ability to have big name stars in important matches, but Raw overall put on an invredible show that has us and hopefully all of the WWE Universe excited for the future ahead. With Wrestlemania a few short months away, Fastlane approaching soon, and tensions rising throughout the Raw roster – what do YOU want to see happen?! Drop a comment below or shoot us an email at to create a discussion. We would love to see what everyone else thinks.

Till next time,



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